Journaling Power
Mari L. McCarthy

“Remarkable, riveting and transformative…Spoken from experience, inspired by passion and delivered with magnificence. Whether you journal or not…you will definitely want to dive in to discover how this one simple process can radically and positively impact your life in many ways. Highly recommended.”

—Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

Today could be the day that completely changes your life. So don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by. Because what if you knew that within your fingertips you possessed a secret power that is PROVEN to help you…

The incredible power you have is personal transformation journaling.
And it really is PROVEN to work! (More on this proof in a minute)

No one knows this to be true more than Mari L. McCarthy. As a highly-successful business consultant, Mari routinely crisscrossed the country to provide solutions to a who’s who of Fortune 100 companies.

However, at the height of her career she was forced to shut it all down due to the ravaging effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

All you need is an open mind – and a pad and a pen!

In her new book, Journaling Power – How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live, Mari details the amazing story of how journaling reversed her debilitating MS symptoms– and allowed her to ditch her prescription drug routine forever.


With her step-by-step guidance, you’ll discover how YOU can use the holistic power of journaling
to reduce stress, overcome fears, and heal your mind, body and spirit.

All you need is an open mind – and a pad and a pen!

“As the number of studies increased, it became clear that writing is far more powerful than anyone has ever dreamed.”

—Dr. James Pennebaker

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Numerous medical studies agree. Journaling can HEAL your life!

In compelling fashion, Journaling Power illustrates how conventional medical wisdom has fully embraced what Mari L. McCarthy proved to the world on her own…

Expressive journaling has undeniable life-changing health benefits.

In fact, numerous published studies in peer-review medical journals support the premise that putting pen to paper unleashes a healing agent that invigorates every cell in your body.

A 2012 review published in the British Journal of General Practice notes…

“…Writing therapy can potentially help 30% of patients who visit primary care settings…”

A published journal review in, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, concludes…

“…For some people expressive writing is extremely helpful and has quickly resolved issues
that have been mulled over—sometimes for years—with no resolution.”

Many U.S. studies echo these conclusions, as do the heartfelt words of those who’ve discovered the stream of healing that flows through, Journaling Power.

"If you’ve ever doubted the therapeutic and transformative benefits of journaling, you need to read Mari L. McCarthy’s, Journaling Power…Journaling is the wonder drug that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about! A powerful tool for positive change...”

Angela Mackintosh, WOW! Women On Writing

Anyone can journal. So you can do this!

Journaling Power sets forth one unwavering truth…

There’s only way to journal – and that’s your way!

Just put pen to paper and let your natural voice pour forth as if you’re having a conversation with your best friend.

Proper grammar? Who cares!
You don’t have to turn your journal into a teacher to be graded.

Sloppy handwriting? Join the club. As long as you can read your journal, you’re fine. So relax. Have fun and don’t hold back. Just be yourself.

If you can write a shopping or to-do list—you have all the talent
it takes to transform your mind, health, and soul through journaling.

Plus, Mari McCarthy has packed Journaling Power with extensive advice, step-by-step instruction, and exercises that give you the tools you need to set sail on a lifelong voyage of physical and emotional empowerment. 

"Journaling Power is a candid, beautifully-written self-help book, filled with warmth, wit and wisdom."

Dennis Palumbo, psychotherapist and author,
Writing From The Inside Out

Reconnect with your core, your center, and your true authentic self

As you read and explore Journaling Power, it becomes clearly evident that the road to self-love, peace, and inner security can be paved with a pen.

Mari’s incredible personal story, coupled with scientific evidence, supports the revelation that expressive journaling can facilitate personal transformation through which you…

Your fingertips give you the ability to pick up prescription pills and pop them in your mouth. But this doesn’t have to be what you do to feel better!

Journaling Power will show you exactly how to use those same fingertips to leverage
a holistic power that has a magnificent healing effect on your mind and body. 

Without any nasty side effects!

“Mari delivers all that she promises and more in Journaling Power...As a reader interested in evidenced-based expressive writing practices, I am delighted she supports her claims for Journaling Power with a good number of highly regarded studies and will suggest this book to my clients who wish to begin writing to make life course corrections.”

John Evans, Executive Director, Wellness & Writing Connections

Order Journaling Power Right Now and Receive
This FREE BONUS GIFT from Mari L. McCarthy

eBook – 24 Days Whole Health Journaling Challenge

Take complete command of your health by building new habits that empower you to…


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Mari L. McCarthy is a personal transformation coach, and the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Create Write Now! She is the author/creator of multiple eBooks and Journaling Challenge programs that have had a life-changing impact on countless people around the globe. A former Fortune 100 business consultant, Mari began to experience the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 18 years ago, which led to the loss of function and feeling in the right side of her body. Through journaling, she has mitigated most of her MS symptoms, and today she teaches people throughout the world how to heal, grow, and transform their lives through the holistic power of expressive writing.


"I've interviewed hundreds of people offering their stories about the benefits of keeping a journal. But the most profound story of them all, illustrating the healing power of writing (on the physical as well as emotional, professional, and intellectual levels), is that of Mari L. McCarthy…Her no-nonsense advice for starting a journaling routine is transformative."

Nathan Ohren, Bestselling author, and host
of the JournalTalk podcast.